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Machine learning on-line course finished

Yesterday, I finished the fully on-line course Machine Learning offered by Stanford University via I really enjoyed the course, it was of high quality with in-depth programming assignments. For me as a university teacher also nice to experience the role of a student when participating in fully on-line courses.

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BSc Circular Engineering

After a year of hard work and preparation Maastricht University, fac. Science & Engineering was given accreditation for the new BSc Circular Engineering. More info:

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Invited lecture on wearables for ACL rehab

Gabrielle Tuijthof was invited to give a lecture on the use of available commercial wearables for the rehabilitation of ACL reconstruction ath University of Kent during the symposium ‘Translating Research into Practice’ of the Sports Therapy, Physical Activity and Health Research Group headed by lecturer Karen Hambly. Gabrielle demonstrated several wearables amongst which the Myontec Wearable […]

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