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LA Times on Arjo Loeve’s report on ERCP scopes

The Sunday 20 December front page of the LA Times shouted “How a medical device maker kept U.S. hospitals in the dark about deadly infections”. Read the article here: The original report, written by Arjo Loeve, commissioned by the Erasmus Medical Centre and Olympus Nederland B.V., for the Dutch Health Inspectorate, can be found […]

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Dutch Hospitals

From 2005 till present,  one or more clinical studies were performed with any of the following hospitals that led to at least one publication (presented in alphabetical order): Antonius Ziekenhuis Nieuwegein (Nieuwegein): 3D ultrasound imaging Bergman Clinic (Bilthoven): evaluation of fluid management systems Erasmus Medical Centre (Rotterdam): application of equilibrium partitioning of an ionic contrast […]

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