Delft Health Initiative Prototype granted for ‘Wire Saw’

Dr. ir. T. Horeman from Delft University of Technology, Dept. Biomechanical Engineering,  Dr. S. Stufkens and Dr. ir. G.J.M. Tuijthof both from Amsterdam University Medical Centre have received a stimulating grant titled Delft Health Initiative Prototype to further develop a new ‘Wire Saw’ for minimal access reconstructive bone surgery.

More info: Resection of bone is performed in virtually every reconstructive orthopedic procedure (>75% of all orthopedic procedures). Examples are total hip and knee arthroplasty, corrective osteotomies for deformity, malalignment and fractures and arthrodesis (joint fusion) of small joints. The electrically powered oscillating saw is the most important tool to create bleeding bone surface planes. However, the saw is heavy and its manual handling takes considerable training as there is a serious risk of overshooting and consequently damaging surrounding soft tissue. Furthermore, relative large incisions are required to gain access to the bone. Therefore, the clinical need was posed by our collaborating surgeons from Amsterdam University Medical Centre to develop a new reusable sawing device that prevents tissue damage and allows minimally invasive access.

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