Design of Medical Devices – Europe

Design of Medical Devices – Europe is an annual conference for an international community of scientists, engineers and physicians to present and discuss key developments in the design of medical devices. The conference was initiated by staff members of the Department of Biomechanical Engineering at Delft University of Technology in 2013. Gabrielle is co-conference chair and Arjo has done tremendous work in designing all graphics and the website.CO_DMD-Europe2014-Flyer-EN-A5

Our team has contributed to the conference presenting developments such as:

  • 2014 Keynote speaker: prof. dr. Gino Kerkhoffs.
  • 2014 Hoogwout M.R., Loeve A.J., van der Werf G., Dankelman J., Tuijthof G.J.M., Chairlift Compatible Sit-Snowboard For Paraplegics, Pitch and Demo
  • 2014 Horeman T., Kerkhoffs G.M.M.J., Dankelman J., Tuijthof G.J.M., The SATA, A simple, stiff and non-compliant steering mechanism, Pitch and Demo
  • 2013 Kok A.C., Terra M.P., Askeland C., Kerkhoffs G.M.M.J., Tuijthof G.J.M., Optimizing imaging of cartilage defects in the ankle using ultrasound, Pitch and Demo
  • 2013 den Dunnen S., Tuijthof G.J.M.,The Influence of Waterjet Diameter and Bone Structural Properties on the Efficiency of Pure Waterjet Drilling in Porcine Bone, Pitch and Demo
  • 2013 Meijer E.,  Lange J.F., van den Dobbelsteen J.J., Dankelman J., Horeman T., Disposable pulling force sensor for force measurements in surgical sutures, Pitch and Demo
  • 2013 de Vries K., van Delft F., Nerkens W., Horeman T., Bemelman W., The Smooth SetOn Applier for Per- Anal Fistels, Pitch and Demo
  • 2013 Sun S., Dankelman J., Horeman T., Differences in abdominal force between conventional and single port laparoscopy, Pitch and Demo

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