Design of Medical Devices – USA

Design of Medical Devices – USA is the world’s largest premiere medical devices conference consists of four-days of workshops, symposiums, scientific poster sessions and technical/scientific sessions hosted by the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA. Gabrielle has been a member of the contributed Papers Committee, responsible for reviewing the Track Orthopaedic Devices since 2010.CO_dmdUSA_logo

Our team has attended the conference several times presenting developments such as:

  • 2015 Horeman T., Aguirre M. Jr., Kerkhoffs G.M.M.J., Dankelman J., Tuijthof G.J.M., A stiff and simple steering mechanism for arthroscopic instruments, Oral presentation, 3 in 5 award session.
  • 2012 Van Gorkum R.F.P., Dankelman J., Tuijthof G.J.M., Device to assist force generation in high-load orthopedic actions, Oral presentation, 3 in 5 award session. J. of Med. Dev. 6(1): 017530.1
  • 2010 Nai T.Y., Herder J.L., Tuijthof G.J.M., Design of a compliant steerable arthroscopic punch, Oral presentation, 3 in 5 award session.
  • 2010 Tuijthof G.J.M., Pontesilli, M., Zwaag H. van der, Jonges, R., Maas M., Geer S.G. van de, Blankevoort L., 3D Foot Plate for Diagnosis of Abnormal Range of Motion in the Hindfoot, Oral presentation.
  • 2007 Tuijthof G.J.M., Blankevoort L., Heeman P., van Dijk C.N., Development of a Physical Simulation Environment to Perform Arthroscopy with a Focus on Joint Irrigation. Poster Presentation.
  • 2007 Tuijthof G.J.M., Euwe F.E., Herder J.L., van Dijk C.N., Development of a compliant Cutter for Cartilage and Bone Removal in Arthroscopy. Poster Presentation.

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