Workshop Design by Dissection at DMD

Arjo, Tim and Gabrielle held an inspiring and interactive workshop ‘Design by Dissection’ at Design of Medical Devices Europe conference, Wiener Neustadt, Austria, Sept 8-9.CO_Logo-DesignByDissection-NOTEXT-2500px


To successfully develop innovative medical instruments many more factors than simply the required functionality need to be considered that directly influence the design and its requirements: e.g. legislation, sterilisation, workflow, and implementation. These factors might seem to limit true innovation. However, in this session, we present our ‘Design by Dissection’ approach to demonstrate the contrary.

‘Design by Dissection’ elegantly combines in-depth research to fundamentally dissect the problem down to its core and our constantly critical attitude which are the driving engines to come up with truly original designs. ‘Design by Dissection’ approach is illustrated with real-life award-winning examples. And even more fun: we will let you play with the presented approach yourself. The participant that contributes most noticeably during the session will receive a very special prize. You will be further informed on this once you signed up to participate. Interested? contact one of via team


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