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ESSKA Symposium Wearable devices in sports medicine focused on ACL rehabilitation

Tuijthof, G.J.M. Hambly, K., Symposium Wearable devices in sports medicine focused on ACL rehabilitation, European Society of Sports Traumatology Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA), Glasgow, UK, May 10 Symposium schedule: Obstacles faced in ACL sports rehabilitation; Why is there a need for wearables? – Hambly Karen (United Kingdom) Development of an ACL self-monitoring platform using […]

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Invited lecture on wearables for ACL rehab

Gabrielle Tuijthof was invited to give a lecture on the use of available commercial wearables for the rehabilitation of ACL reconstruction ath University of Kent during the symposium ‘Translating Research into Practice’ of the Sports Therapy, Physical Activity and Health Research Group headed by lecturer Karen Hambly. Gabrielle demonstrated several wearables amongst which the Myontec Wearable […]

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Limburg Meeting – LIME

Dat er in de zorg veel gemeten wordt, is geen nieuws. Maar hoeveel is teveel? En hoe kan het dan beter? Zodat zorgverleners meer tijd krijgen om te zorgen, ondernemers de zorg kunnen innoveren met slimme meetproducten en burgers de regie krijgen over hun eigen gegevens. Daar willen de initiatiefnemers van het innovatieprogramma Limburg Meet […]

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