Water Jetting – Description

DriveWJ_NIG HydroChipper concept

The separation of a fragment of cartilage is named an osteochondral defect (OCD). OCDs are mostly caused by a traumatic event and can cause severe disability. OCDs are treated with arthroscopy approximately 200.000 times a year in Europe and the United States. The operation aims to create hole in the bone surface to start a regenerative healing process. However, limiting factors exist for the bone marrow stimulation techniques, which prevent treatment in the worst case scenario.

Design philosophy

Our philosophy is to develop a complete new minimally invasive machining device based on water jet dissection technology. This device enables an (orthopaedic) surgeon to perform quick and precise machining of blind holes perpendicular to joint surfaces in any joint for the treatment of locally damaged cartilage – Hydro Chipper.

Focus on specific challengesWJ_general

Challenges for water jetting are the following: mathematical description of the relation between waterjet parameters, bone properties and hole depth, safe waterjet drilling of blind holes, influence of waterjets on biologic healing of cartilage, miniaturization of components. Examples of our solutions are found in the pictures and associated scientific papers in the blog roll of this project.

Grants & Awards

  • 2014 Best Paper Award received  by PhD Steven den Dunnen for ‘Waterjetting in Bones: the Influence of Jet Time on Drilling Depth Variation’. 22nd International Conference Water Jetting, Haarlem, The Netherlands, September 3-5, 2014
  • 2010 Marti Keunig Eckhard Foundation Topic: Healing Water – Hydro Chipper to treat osteochondral defects
  • 2009 Open Technology Grant from Technology Foundation STW Topic: Healing Water – Hydro Chipper to treat osteochondral defects